The answer is surprising.

Coffee beans are green. They turn brown when you
roast them. During the roasting process a special compound called Chlorogenic Acid is destroyed. This acid gives green coffee beans all it’s wonderful fat busting properties.

However, you just can’t eat green coffee beans. This is because they are extremely bitter. You would have a hard time stomaching enough green coffee beans to see any weight loss.

Simply Green Coffee Bean has done all the hard work for you. We’ve extracted the Chlorogenic acid into a super concentrated form and compressed it into an easy to swallow, vegetable capsule. There is 800 mg in each capsule!

All the health benefits of green coffee bean, in an easy to take capsule!


Chlorogenic acid is what performs the fat fighting magic.

When you eat your favorite foods (like donuts, pasta, chips and bread), your body turns it into glucose (sugar). Too much sugar your in blood is toxic. So your body quickly turns excess sugar into fat. 

Chlorogenic acid has been proven to help your body burn this glucose as fuel, instead of storing it as fat.

That’s fat fighting property #1.

Chlorogenic acid is now known to slow the release of sugar into the blood stream. This means less fat gets formed!

Simply Green Coffee Bean has the exact amount of Chlorogenic acid that was used in the clinical studies that showed the dramatic weight loss effects in overweight subjects.

It’s Pure green coffee bean extract. No additives. No cellulose, silica or other binders!

What Do You Need To Do To
Lose Weight With Simply
Green Coffee Bean?

It’s easy!

Take 2 capsules (containing 800 mg of green
coffee bean extract with 50% Chlorogenic acid)
before your first meal.

That’s it.

You’ll feel more full, faster. You’ll find your
cravings for snacks disappearing.

And because of Simply Green’s ability to slow
fat formation, over the next few weeks you’ll
see those numbers on your scale get smaller
and smaller!

You don’t have to any extra working out, or
crazy dieting. In fact, you’ll probably start
saving money because you’ll be eating less!

Simply Green Coffee Bean Extract

  • Burn Fat
  • 100% Natural. No GMO’s. No Binders. No Fillers. Made in GMP Certified Lab, so you can know you are getting what you pay for.
  • Order it today, while supplies last. Start looking better, you deserve it. Take a trial and see how much weight you can lose!
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